There are particular deadlines for filing personal injury cases from one state to another. As you'll have to recover your medical bills or lost wages, the sooner you hire a lawyer, the better. You don't have to wait any longer than one or two weeks before contacting the attorney, and you must speak with the professional before you come to any type of settlement with the insurance firm. 

Here are several ways by which you can find a reputable accident lawyer. Seeking referrals from family and friends is a way to start. If this is ineffective, you can try scanning lawyer directories to find a few local prospects. 

What to Ask a Prospective Attorney 

Before meeting a Wrongful death lawyer Miami, get as much information as possible about the car accident, including the injuries and financial setbacks you experienced as a result. Examples of documents that you should bring to your attorney are medical records, police reports, and your insurance policy. Considering this is your first meeting with the lawyer, you have to ask the following questions to help you decide if he is the one you're looking for: 

> How are your fees structured? 

> What is your experience with the particular type of case I have? 

> How much of your practice have you devoted to car accident cases? 

> Are there upfront fees or expenses I should be ready for? 

Take note that auto accident cases are usually paid on contingency - you only pay when you win. A loss means the lawyer will not be paid anything. That's why attorneys are usually very picky when accepting personal injury cases, always making sure they are airtight and winnable. 

If you do win, the attorney will be paid a pre-set percentage - typically between 30% and 40% - of the total amount of money you receive. 

Also remember that each state has its own rules and regulations in terms of how much the attorney can collect from you. But you should know that "attorney fees" are not the same as "costs," and you will most probably have to pay the costs associated with the movements in your case. Costs can include fees paid to court reporters and expert witnesses, photocopying, and the rest.

Lastly, always consider the lawyer's personality and how it jives with yours. Some people think this is not important, but just imagine having to deal with someone you dislike and maybe vice-versa. How cooperative can you get in this scenario? This will surely have a negative effect on your case. This is a key reason you have to meet a lawyer before deciding to be represented by them. You have to be sure there's chemistry, or your case will surely suffer. You can also learn more about personal injury lawyers by checking out the post at